The Name of the Country

August, 1998

The federated provincial states
of the people's democratic cities
of the republican republic
of the national nation
of the united islands of unity
of the kingdom
of the northern country


Was in Ireland when I wrote this. The Republic of Ireland to be exact. Babysitting my cousins... we were talking about Australia, so I looked it up in an atlas, and you know, it's called "The Commonwealth of Australia" so I got into looking for other terms they have in the names of countries. *L* You know, *points southward, toward the United States of you-know-what* Countries don't have names anymore, just a buncha technical terms. ...or names that were actually stoopid mistakes. I.E. explorers ask "what is this place?" native dude thinks he's talking about the village, so he says "canada" which means "group of huts." Anywaaaaaaay.........

This Country sucks

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