The Poem

A jumble of poetic nonsence,
Trying hard to make it rhyme,
Hurried, rushing, writing fast,
I want to get it done on time.

Ready to go, no stopping me now,
But then a problem comes about,
Oh no! It's a disaster!
I don't know what to write about...

How am I going to fill this page
With meaningful poetic words?
Maybe I'll write about nature
Like trees, and fish, and flying birds...

Oh great! I don't know what to do.
I'm really very stressed out now.
I guess that I should end this poem,
The trouble is I don't know how.

THE END (I think)

Author's comments:

Have you ever been told to write something, but not known what to write about? Well I was in that situation when I wrote this poem. I was in a big rush when I wrote it. Surprisingly enough, it actually turned out okay...

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