The Peaceful War

A Peaceful War is in my mind,
A silent scream to help me find

To deafly hear, to blindly see
The Peaceful War that's chasing me

Slowly speeding, silent sound
Until the endless end is found

A living death, and tears of joy
A bunch of dying girls and boys

A tale of sorrow, life, and love
Of flying, peaceful, like a dove

A living death, a dying life
A husband who has lost his wife

Then from this hopeful hopelessnes,
Comes somone to clean up this mess

Non-voilent fighters standing still
A child peeks over the window sill

And sees the Peaceful War with all
It's countless armies standing tall

They're standing much too tall to see,
The Peaceful War that's killing me.

This poem was published in "The Nine wonders of poetry" which is an anthology of poems by Grade Nine students at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate which is the school I go to. Special thanks to John Moyer, my Grade nine english teacher, who put the anthology together.

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