Where does inspiration come from?
Mine comes from the night time sky
Moon and Stars and constelations
Always slowly drifting by.

One day I'll explore those stars
I'll be famous, remembered, immortal.
Anything to keep from dying
Unheard of, forgotten, normal.

My motivation is fear of death
My inspiration, fear of life.
Terrifiied of ending, dying
Terrified of war and strife

Music inspires, so does dance,
The cries of a baby born last night
A sunny day, when children play
A bird in the midst of gracefull flight

Nature, beauty, stories, emotions
People are inspired by many things
Right now it's coming from my dad,
As I listen to the somg he sings
I'm not so sure about that one... I can't remember much about when I was writing it... It was the day after the night when a baby was born next door and some kids were playing in the yard and my dad was singing. I want you to e-mail me if you like these peoms by the way, so read all of them and tell me what you think.

And now...

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