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What?? An update?

That's right! After nearly two years, the poetry page has finally been dusted off, and added to... but not re-organized. ha! ~April 10th, 2000~

List of Poems:

* A So-Called Nerd's Final Plea to a Class Bully
I wrote this one last year, and it was published in my school yearbook, and "Within These Covers" which is a yearly anthology of poetry by students in public schools in my county.
* The Peaceful War
This one was written in May of 1997, and published in "The Nine Wonders of Poetry" which is a yearly anthology of poetry by grade nine students at my school.
The Poem
What can I say? It's a poem that I wrote for a Grade Nine English assignment. It had to be a poem with a title that started with "The" and here it is...
A Prayer of Thanks by a Confused Teenager
I wrote this last year when I still sorta considered myself Christian.
I wrote this poem the morning it was due, when I couldn't find any Inspiration the night before...
Behind Backs
A poem about Racism and stuff
Ran Away
Um... This is about loss of innocence I guess.
Don't ask. Okay. Yeah.
Sirens and Screams
Yes, that's right, I still do update this page... here's a new one.
The Name of the Country
Countries have strange names these days.
The Smell
What? No I'm not anything... I wrote this in science class. the fuuuuuuuuumes!!!!!!!!!!
Oh. So you're reading poetry. Fine.
To anyone who's ever been mad at their mother.

This page has been visited by people who for some strange reason wanted to read my poems.

Send mail to me if you like or dislike my poetry, or if you want to print it somewhere...
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