The Oran

Hello, friends

I am called Aerindil. I live in the south of Lenrad, the desert country. Lenrad is where most of my people live. My mother was an elf, and my father was Oran. Creator has asked me to speak to you about my father's people.

Oran Characteristics

The Oran look pretty much human, though we're usually shorter. We're generally dark of skin, with hair and eyes to match. My people are very sensitive to the presence of water. We have a darker patch of skin on our foreheads that sends impusles to our brains when there's water nearby. We're well adapted to living in the desert, and can go for long periods of time with only small amounts of water. We Oran live mainly in Lenrad, the Malthyrian desert country.

Oran in History

The Oran race originally evolved from humans who lived in the desert areas of Malthyri. After centuries of desert life, the people started being born with the dark patches on our foreheads that sense water. Traditional Oran roles in history have been as the caravan traders, and the water-sellers of Lenrad City. The most prominent Oran in Malthyrian histroy is probably Senzy of Lenrad, who was one of the seven "New Heroes" who tried to restore the gate between worlds.

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