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Welcome to the First Land

Riviel: *bows as you enter* Welcome, children.

Ardere: Yeah, Hi!

Riviel: This is where we will attempt to tell you about the world of Malthyri.

Ardere: Isn't that right, Kev??

Kevin: ...

Riviel: I am Riviel, Royal Advisor to the Decendants of Hilmalith

Ardere: I'm Ardere, former leader of the enemy army, but now I'm just another royal advisor...

Kevin: Oh, and I'm Kevin... The um... King...

Riviel: King of Malthyri, Defender of Peace, Dragon of the World, Decendant of the Mighty Hilmalith, Protector of--

Kevin+Ardere: Shut up!!

Riviel: Sorry...

About Malthyri

Riviel: The Capital City is called Abni Orilax, and from there the royal family rules. Malthyri has two suns, Odara and Ina Tor, and five moons, Imsi, Enma, Tiro, Sikan and Kulerin. The Geography of Malthyri is diverse and complex. Abni Orilax is on an island called Erin Skye, at the western edge of Central Malthyri.

Ardere: Just a few leagues north lies Milrax, the mountain country that is home to the BlackStar, and the enemies of the Malthyrian kingdom. Nasty place. Used to live there... Farther North is the neglected city of Lierarax, where the Black River carries pollution and harmful magic down from the Milrax mountains. This city in the shadow of the Black Mountains is home to the SilverStar clan.

Riviel: Beyond that are the Crystal Caverns and the Iceland. This is mostly the home of Giants, Gargoyles, and other beings well suited to the harsh weather conditions.

Ardere: Central Malthyri, the lands just east of Erin Skye, is where most of the important Malthyrian cities are located. There is Mylthor, the Tree city, center of knowledge and learning, Voltryck, the half-submerged city of mer-folk and other amphibious races, RainbowMoon cave, a major religious site, as well as many smaller towns and cities... Your turn Kevin.

Kevin: um... West of Erin Skye is the Voltryckern sea, and the Lieran Ocean. That's where all the mer-people and Liersran and Inuri live. Farther west is... mostly unexplored territory. Some legends say there's this island called Erin Thyri in that direction, but it's not in any official records.

Riviel: To the south is mostly farm country, and the lands that once belonged to the Trindos family. Trindos Tower still stands, possibly haunted by those who were massacred there long ago...

Ardere: Northwest is Lenrad, the desert country. Officially part of Malthyri, but with a governing body of it's own.

Kevin: Southwest is the town called... Carnon. It's at the shore of the Ocean of Endiam. Beyond the ocean are other lands that I don't think i'm in charge of... There's Mother Island, Yellow Island, Nollisfarr island, and a whole other continent...

Riviel: Okay, visitors... If you actually listened to all that, I commend you.

Kevin: Um...

Ardere: The Royal family of Malthyri has rulled for about four thousand years. They are decendants of a warrior called Hilmalith, who took Erin Skye from Zamar IV of Milrax, and restored peace to Central Malthyri.

Riviel: The name Hilmalith has been passed on through the royal line. Kevin's grandmother was Hilmalith XVII. When she died, the kingdom was taken by her only child, Calarandel III, who was father to the twins, Katia and Kevin.

Kevin: But me and Kat were born on earth, in Canada... Our mom died, and we were raised by different families, in the same town.

Ardere: Then I found Katia, and brought her to Malthyri to meet her father. Calarandel's health was failing at the time, and he despaired that he'd never have an heir.

Riviel: It wasn't until after the king's death, when Katia was made into the unwilling child-queen, that we discovered she had a twin brother...

Kevin: Um... right. Katia was worried because she was the only heir to Malthyri, and her boyfriend was the only heir to Syndosia, so they couldn't be together... then I came along, and Kat dumped Malthyri on me!

Riviel: Don't be so harsh, your majesty... She still helps out here whenever she can.

Kevin: Yeah... okay. And to tell the truth, Ardere and Riviel do most of the "ruling the country" anyway...

Ardere: Byebye!!

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