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RPG links. Final Fantasy rocks the casbah!

RPGamer: One of the most extensive RPG sites there is...
Dead Triangle: Queen Vera's page. Fanart, fanfic, pages dedicated to various games... and Digimon
The Fanatics Tower: A message board dedicated to Kefka, the villain of FF6
Vincent and Aerith Shrine: A page with stuff about Vincent and Aeris/th.
Final Fantasy Compendium: A very detailed site with information about all the Final Fantasies!
Shinryuu's Lair: A most excelent site. Shinryuu rocks. FF5 is the cooooooooolest!
Anime Web Turnpike, Final Fantasy Links: Anipike is the biggest collection of anime links. This is their Final Fantasy section. Okay, cool.

Other Fun Stuff

Lilyan's Cool Page: My cousin Lily's page, which hasn't been updated in almost three years.
Emiko's Genesis: Iam Kim's page... Anime-ish stuff, fan-art, and his Manga, The Genesis Chronicles
Club That Really Likes Anime (CTRL-A): An Anime club I'm sometimes in...


HoTMaiL: Free web-based e-mail... so you don't have to share with your parents. *L*
Webcrawler Searching: A thing that you can use to search for things
The KW Record: My local newspaper. like anyone cares.

My Stuff

Emmy's Weird Page: My homepage... You probably got here from there...
Poems: A bunch of peoms I wrote. Not all these links are functional. I'm working on it.
Destiny Star: Art and stuff and the world I created for my junky fantasy stories. yeah.
I have a page at Geocities?: I haven't updated in 2 years. wow.
I have a page at Angelfire?: oh... um... same deal as the Geocities...