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The Inuri, people of Inural


Hello. Tsuni Inural here. I have been asked to speak of my people, the Inuri. I was the prince of Inural before I died, so I suppose my information is valid, though perhaps outdated...

Inuri Characteristics

The most commonly noted feature of the Inuri is our blue skin. Half-breeds sometimes have skin tones that are more green or purple... We have Antennae as well, which give us a sort of second sight, since we mostly live in such great depths. Sunlight rarely reaches our under-ocean cities. Other notable things are webbed feet and hands. Helps with swimming, of course. We are amphibious, with gills for underwater breathing, and lungs for air breathing. Our cousins the Liersran are completely underwater-beings, and we and the mer-folk are their only link to the outer world.

Inuri in History

I think I am the only full-blooded Inuri who really had a significant part in history... Rithradien the BlueStar was half Inuri and half Human, and from her descended the mer-folk. About 1200 years ago there was a devastating war between our people and the Liersran, but we have since made peace. The only real "technology" on Malthyri belongs to us and the Liersran.


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