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Allow me to Explain...

Destiny Star is my series of Original stories, being neglected at the moment, while I move the Final Fantasy page to Geocities.

What? Still interested?

Destiny Star
Here, I'm known as "Creator" by the characters of my stories. They made it up! Honest! ~Malthyri + Art update, Mar.25,2K ... title graphics added on Mar.28~
~The Wishing Tower~
I moved the entire Final Fantasy site and all it's contents to Geocities. I needed a lot of space for it.
Yes, that's right, I have finally gotten off my be-hind and updated the links. Good for me! ~Mar.28,2K~
Some old midi files
Cute music. Too bad I don't have a sound card anymore...
The Other Art
Art that doesn't fit in the Destiny Star section ~Born on March 20, 2K~
Wow. I updated the Poetry page. (some time in Early April..)
What's new?
The updates page, hosted by Final Fantasy's Yuffie and Kefka. ~some time in April, 2K~

There have been cute little people here since whenever it was that I put this counter up.

This page was last updated on April 22nd, 2K