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Butz: *laughing* Squall, you look so cute in that picture!

Terra: Ha! Cute widdle Squally!

Squall: ...

Cloud: Shut up! We're supposed to be introducing the FF page!

Butz: Who cares! Making fun of Squall is way more fun!

Terra: Just ignore him. Hi everyone! Welcome to the Final Fantasy page!

Cloud: It's pretty barren for now, but it will have stuff on it soon.

Butz: Below is a list of links to the different sections, fanfic, fanart, links... isn't that right Squall?

Squall: Whatever...

The above-mentioned list of links...

Butz: This is where you go to hear Celes bitching at Irvine... er, I mean, this is where you can listen to midi files and read lyrics...
Fan Art
Terra: Relm's in charge of this section... It's where there's fan art of our fellow FF characters!
Fan Fic
Cloud: This is where you go to read stories... and hear Aeris and Laguna make fun of Shadow...
Terra: If you want to know what's been recently updated, just ask Yuffie and Kefka!
Squall: ...this is the way back to Emmy's homepage.