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Hey hey.

Relm here. What's up? Oh, this... is the fanart page. If you want your art to be put on display here, scan it, upload it, and e-mail the URL to Emmy... (Her e-mail address is listed below) Other than that... well, have a look. These pieces are copyright to their respective artists, and the characters belong to Squaresoft. No infrengement intended!


Final Fantasy
This is the way back to the FF page. Cloud is hot!
Creator's Realm
Realm, not Relm. ha! This'll take you back to Emmy's page.
Destiny Star
This is the section for Emmy's original characters and stories.
Yeah. If you wanna have your art here, or just say hi to Emmy, click here.

Final Fantasy Fanart

Vincent Valentine: Yeah. That's Vincent.
Chaos: No, not Vincent's Limit Break... It's Aeris/th with demon-ish wings.
Midnight Elegance: It's um... Vincent and Aeris. (they must be Emmy's favorite to draw, eh?) All dressed in black.
One Wing...: It's Sephiroth the one-winged angel... and Yuffie the one-winged demon?

Other Fanart?

nope. no other fanart yet.