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Children of WhiteStar


Hello, This is Eve WhiteStar. I was chosen to speak of Edonians because I am one. Actually, I am the first one. I'm not going to get into the story of how I became the first Edonian, but suffice it to say it's a long story. One of the things I have noticed since being handed this immortality, was that some of my children were born Edonian, but some weren't. I have yet been unable to find an explanation for this. Another thing I've discovered is my ability to change others into Edonians, by way of a long painful ceremony that came to me in a dream...


My race are all immortal, the only way to kill an Edonian being direct decapitation. This has happened to some of my children, but I'll not get into that. For to most part, we are indistinguishable from humans. Our eyes tend to be brighter, especially when it is dark. To a Vampire, the Edonian blood is a drug -- drinking it puts them in a state of ecstasy, while completely paralyzing their body. Telepaths of all sorts have trouble reading Edonian thoughts. Our wounds heal quickly, and a lot of magic has very little effect on us.

Edonians in Malthyrian History

My Children tend to keep a low profile. Our actions in history are usually of the indirect or behind-the-scenes type. There aren't very many of us, and the ritual to change others into one of us is now my secret. Last time someome else had that capability, he created a whole army to use in his quest to rid the worlds of all he considered evil, and killed his own sister in the process. I try now to control this race of mine now, and hopefully such things will never happen again.

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