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Katia's message

Hey all. It's me, Princess Katia. Yeah, Princess, not Queen. It's all good, though. Anyway, Destiny Star is a bunch of Stories by Emily, A.K.A. Creator. This is where you get to find out about the stories.

The sections of this thingy...

Malthyri ~updated Mar. 25, 2000~
My brother Kevin, along with Royal Advisors Riviel and Ardere, like to talk about the Kingdom of Malthyri.
This is where Calithryndia tells you about other people from the stories... (like me!)
Okay, you probably know Mermaid and Elf, but what's an Oran? Or an Edonian? Or how 'bout an Inuri? Litha can explain a lot of it to you, though she doesn't know what race *she* is...
Art ~Update, Mar.25, 2000~
Sheridan's art gallery of Creator's drawings. Still no pictures of me, but the one at the top of this page makes that forgivable...
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Destiny Star stories, places, characters, etc. are all property of Emily. (with the exception of characters created by her friends and family) Please don't steal the ideas... You'll get bad Karma!

there have been people here since some time in late 1999.