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Litha Lucia

Litha is a 16-year-old girl with wings. She was raised by a healer named Hadria Windchaser, but apparently Lilith BlackStar is her mother. After Hadria's death when Litha was six, she lived alone in Milrax. She was taken in by a group of bandits, but eventually left them to work on her own as a mercenary and assassin. Somewhere in there she's got a soft side... Her wings slightly resemble those of a bat, or maybe a Gargoyle (see Races...) her hair is black, her skin is chalk white, and her eyes are dark green.

Calithryndia Aiobh Talradi

((Her middle name is Celtic, pronounced like Eve!)) This 17 year old half-elf is the 16th re-incarnation of the original Calithryndia, fire-goddess of chaos and destruction. Though this Calithryndia was originally a sweet, quiet sorceress, her attitude changed when her old memories started to re-surface. She is about six feet tall, with long black hair and blue and purple eyes.

Michael Robért LaFleur

Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Mysterious himself, Michael is, well... tall dark and mysterious. Actually, he's really weird. He wears this big black cloak, and can fink just about anything in his pockets. Back in the days when Ardere was evil, Michael was posessed by one of her demons. He is of a race known as Stone-Life, and will turn 199 in December 1999. His eyes are sometimes red and sometimes blue, his hair is long and dark brown. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he's Sarah's twin brother.

Elvarion Windchaser

Elvarion was born in Milrax, where he was raised by his mother Hadria the Healer, until the age of five. It was then that Hadria was assassinated, and Elvarion was taken to safety in Mylthor the Tree City by his foster-sister Litha. Elvarion grew up in Mylthor, but later moved to Malthyri's Capital, Abni Orilax. He now serves as one of the Palace guards, and is a member of the Royal WhiteStar Army of Malthyri. He has spiked blond hair, pointed ears (he's half-elf) and blue eyes.


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