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Lilian Jennifer Coldrath

For the most part, Lilian was raised by her aunt Amelia, due to the fact that after she was born, her mother Jennifer came down with a strange illness that lasted for seven years. Her father Samuel was too busy caring for Jennifer, so the parents entrusted her to her aunt's care. Lily lived in Aunt Amelia's home, Riverview Place, for seven years. Right now she lives with her parents again, looking out for her brother André, born in February. Jennifer's illness wasn't quite so bad after the birth of her second child, but she's dedicated to helping Amelia and Raph with the triplets. Lily is 15 years old, with straight blond hair and reddish-orange eyes.

Samuel Criatal Niterain

The father of Lilian and André, Samuel is very dedicated to Jennifer and their children. Nobody really knows how old he is, or anything about him before his involvement with the Coldraths. He also cares deeply for his sister-in-law Amelia, and knows a few things about her that she doesn't know herself. Samuel is tall, with long brown hair and red eyes.

Lady Sebridith Murdachan

Something of the silent type, Sebridith's race have no vocal cords, so she communicates with hand signs and telepathy. She is of a High Mermaid clan, and in fact her mother, Rithradien, was the sister of Queen Unithradien. After Sebridith's mother died, her father married Unithradien, so now Sebridith is the step-daughter (and niece) of the Queen. She didn't get along well with her step-siblings/cousins, and she now doubts her relationship with her father... so she ran away. A powerful healer, and decent fighter, Sebridith seems to be doing well on her own. She's 17 years old, has blue skin, hair, and eyes.

Shalindria Kalaan

A long time ago, a fierce warrior was killed in a battle. Still, she survives today as Amelia's guardian spirit, and she protected Amelia's father before her. She is formidable in battle, but has a weak moment every once in a while, especially when reminded of her sisters Kala and Chy. Shalindria is tall, with brown hair (usually in a ponytail) and yellow-brown eyes.

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