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Kevin Arthur MacNeil

Well... Kevin is a Canadian highschool student, who's favorite subjects are History, Political Science, and Music. His best friend is Katia Reeves, who he hasn't seen for over a year... He knows she'll be okay though. He lives in a small town, where nearly everyone is Catholic, and absolutely everyone is very superstitious. Kevin's parents are Arthur MacNeil and Marina MacNeil-Kreigov. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

Laurel Coleen O'Hara

Amelia's childhood best friend, Laurel was turned to a Vampire at the age of 22 by a foolish young Jennifer Coldrath. She grew up in the workhouse for orphans in dublin, but when Amelia left, Laurel stayed to become a nun. After Jennifer got to her, she reluctantly left the convent, but proceeded to isolate herself from others. She couldn't stand to kill, and eventually became the most depressed, cynical, stoic person you could possibly imagine, eventually reaching the point where she wouldn't (couldn't?) move or talk. Jennifer guesses it's been almost a century since Laurel fed on mortal blood. She has long braided black hair, and bright green eyes.

Eve WhiteStar (a.k.a. Marion Smith)

Revered as a Goddess by some, hated and feared by others, Amelia's mother is said to be almost six thousand years old. Amelia is not her only child, to be sure, but Eve isn't ready to tell anyone all the details of her life. She is of the Edonian race, (see Races) and therefore immortal. Well known throughout the kingdom of Malthyri, but what for, nobody will say. Apparently she has a twin sister, Lilith BlackStar, who lives in the Country of Milrax (Malthyri's closest neighbour, and only enemy) Eve has very long curly red hair, and blue eyes.

Ardere BlackStar Coldrath, alius Aisling GoldenStar

916 year old daughter of John Coldrath and Lilith BlackStar, Ardere is related to Amelia through both her parents. She is the former leader of the Royal BlackStar Army of Milrax, but has since sabotaged it, and now sits on the Malthyrian Council. Her knowledge of Milrax, Malthyri, history, politics, and battle strategy make her well worthy of her position as secondary royal counselor. She is 6'2", with short red-brown hair, and blue eyes.


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