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Vegaad Somiir XVII*

This 17-year-old airship pilot was born the Prince of Syndosia. When he was younger, his parents were overthrown, and he escaped in the airship Silpheed. He met his girlfriend, Queen Katia of Malthyri (well, princess at the time) in a place called Valley of the Lunar Rainbow. Since then he has lead the resistance in Syndosia, and is now the king. (King Vegaad XVII) Oh yeah, but the Airship Silpheed is no more... but he's got a new one called the Adama, with robot thingies a-la-Xenogears in it. (Gabe's idea...) His relationship with Katia is on shaky ground right now, becuase Malthyri and Syndosia are so far away, and they both have so much to do... *(Yup, this is Gabe's character too.)

RoxannKate Farrell *

RoxannKate is a strong friendly woman. She was turned into a Vampire by RaphaŽl, and still tends to refer to him as "father" even though neither of them are vampires anymore. Roxann has had many careers, including Bartender and Assassin (to name a few.) Last I heard, she was married to a man named Blake Layton, and helping care for his daughter Haylee. *(Not my character... RoxannKate is the property of my friend Miranda)

Katia Felicity Reeves

Though she's come a long way from the depressed orphan she was, Katia still has much to learn. Her mother died in childbirth, without telling anyone who the father was. Katia was passed on from relative to relative, but when she by the night of her 15th birthday, her mom's half-sister Jane (only 8 years older than Katia herself) was the last one to die. Having no known relatives alive, Amelia adopted Katia, despite the girl's protests that the "curse" would affect Amelia too. It was her now Foster-Mother who took her to the Valley of the Lunar Rainbow, where she met her boyfriend Vegaad Somiir of Syndosia. Katia was later discovered to be the long-lost daughter of King Calarandel of Malthyri. She arrived at her father's palace in time to know him for about a year before his illness got the better of him... And so the throne went to her. But I don't think the story is going to end here...

Jennifer Marie Coldrath III

Jennifer is the youngest ((legitimate)) child of John Coldrath and Marie LeNoir. Her mother and brothers were slaughtered by a clan of Edonians, bent on ridding the world of "Evil." Jennifer, like Amelia, lived in Dublin for over half a century, but they existed in two seperate worlds. Jennifer lived with her mother and brothers in one of the elaborate mansions belonging to her uncle Mark Coldrath. After the destruction of her family and home, Jennifer had to live on the streets, hiding in rubbish when the sun came up, until Amelia found her and they left for London. Jennifer now lives with a man called Samuel NiteRain, and they have two children, Lily and Andrť.

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