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Amelia Brigid Coldrath

The person at the center of (most) Destiny Star stories, Amelia is an Irish-born Half-Edonian/half-Vampire. A rare combination of races to be sure... (see the "Races" page for more details) Amelia is about 250 years old. Her hair is red, her eyes are purple, and she's 5'4. Her father died when she was two weeks old, and her mother left, so she grew up in a workhouse for orphans. After she left, she worked around town, until she met her half-sister Jennifer, who took her to London, where she met RaphaŽl...

RaphaŽl (Nezeftar) Riverwind

Raph was born somewhere in Louisiana (spelling??) about five years before Amelia. His parents were rather wealthy, and he had a good education. When he was 15 his parents died... He was sent to be taken care of in a special monestery, where he was trained as a Vampire Slayer. He was also in love with a girl there named Mary-Kim. I believe he was 20 when a vampire named Count Lazarus attacked. Raph ended up allowing himself to be turned into a Vampire, in order to save Mary-Kim. Obviously he couldn't be with her anymore, so he set off to travel the world, and eventually ended up in London England, where he met Amelia. Oh yeah, and he's not a Vampire anymore, as of some time in 1997 or 98. He's over 6 feet tall, with silver hair and green eyes. *This character is not my creation. His presence in my stories is owed to my Gabriel Jean. Yay Gabe!

Sarah Smith

Sarah was born in the year 1800, in Montrťal, Quebec, Canada. She has no memories of the first ten years of life. The first thing she can recall is crossing the ocean to England with a woman named Marion Smith (see: Eve WhiteStar). Marion left Sarah in the care of her daughter Amelia, whom she introduced as Sarah's "cousin." It wasn't long after Marion left that Sarah convinced RaphaŽl to turn her to a Vampire. It took her 20 years as an "eternal child" to realize her mistake. They eventually all went their seperate ways, and Sarah wandered the world on her own, building up something of a financial empire, and a "family" of her own. It was in 1997 that she was reunited with her "parents". Sarah still looks like a 10 year old, is avout 5', has blue eyes and curly brown hair.

Brianna, Carlin, and Leland

Raph and Amelia's triplets were born on February 28th, 1999. They are Brianna Diamond, Carlin Gemma and Leland Irvine (in birth order and alphabetical *L*) Not much about them yet. Brianna has been sentient and able to communicate with Amelia since about a week after conception... Her hair is pink and her eyes are blue. Carlin has reddish hair and green eyes, Leland has silver-white hair and purple eyes.


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