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The Cast...

Hi. Calithryndia here. Um... Oh, I know the picture says Lily is also hosting this page, but she's not here yet, so it's just me. Below are links to descriptions of the characters. Read mine!

Destiny Star Characters

Amelia Coldrath, *RaphaŽl Nezeftar/Riverwind, Sarah Smith, and the Triplets
*RoxannKate Farrell, *Vegaad Somiir, Katia Reeves, *Jennifer Coldrath
Kevin MacNeil, Laurel O'Hara, Eve WhiteStar, Ardere BlackStar Coldrath
Lilian Coldrath*, Samuel NiteRain, Sebridith Murdachan, Shalindria Kalaan
Litha Lucia, Calithryndia Talradi, Michael LaFleur, Elvarion Windchaser

Destiny Star Characters belong to Emily Aitkin, unless otherwise stated.


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