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Black and White Drawings

Amelia Coldrath
Miss Amelia, wrapped in a blanket.
Jorina Komar
This is Jorina, a friend of mine. One of the Spirit Warriors.
Shalindria Kalaan
This is Shalindria... Another Spirit Warrior, as well as Amelia-san's guardian spirit.
Amelia (again)
Amelia's face, close up. Ain't she cute?
Falin Sarix Imsikarr
Falin is... an annoying hyper-active 9-year-old time mage. Kinda cute, though.
Arianrhod SilverStar
This is Arianrhod, the original SilverStar. There will be a part of this site with explanations of the Twelve Stars and their quest...
An old Litha pic.
Creator's first ever drawing of the Litha Lucia.
Tempestas Memoria (Memory Storm)
Rated PG-13, 'cause Litha isn't wearing anything but a piece of cloth, and she's got some major cleavage going on there...
Sana Minos Imsikarr
Ah. This is a new character... Sana was a common soldier, until she was transformed to a Mystic Paladin by Goddess Rainbowmoon. This depicts the moment of her transformation.
Sana, by Dosei Hime (Saturn Princess)
Wow! the first ever DS fanart!! Emmy is absolutely giddy!

Colour (pardon the Canadian spelling, eh?)

Shalindria lives again!
The coloured version of the Shalindria drawing above.
Ardere BlackStar Coldrath
This former demon is now a servant of WhiteStar, and member of the Royal Council of Malthyri... but she still wears the BlackStar Uniform, and bears painful memories of all she's done...
Calithryndia Aiobh (Eve) Talradi
Her middle name is pronounced "Eve". It's been re-scanned. Demented desert background...
Lilith Cara Fairweather
Lilith Fairweather, of the Paradise Defenders.
Athien Kaze, Wind Spirit
One of my Spirit Warrior friends. Kaze is japanese for wind.
Yeah. Emily's started drawing herself... but she only wishes she looked like that!
Elvarion Windchaser, of the Paradise Defenders
He looks a bit like that Cloud fellow, eh? Like the background? I do!
Himitsu Enigma, Spirit of... mystery?
Another Spirit Warrior... Himitsu is japenese for "secret". This is probably deserving of a PG-13-ish rating. Nothing's showing, but she's not wearing anything...
John Coldrath, Spirit of Sadness
Who's this guy? Well, he's actually Amelia's father... or, the ghost of Amelia's father anyway.
Jorina Komar, Warrior Spirit
Nice little pic of Jori for the Spirit Warriors.
Kevin MacNeil
King Kevin. That's Katia's twin brother. screwy castle-ish thing in the background...
Litha Lucia
This is Litha. Mighty, bitchy, gothic Paradise Defender. There's more of her in Black and White. *nod*
Melanie LaFleur
All the Paradise Defenders main characters are up, except Michel/Michael. Yup. They are. Poor Michael!
Onani Criatal, Earth Spirit
We're back to Spirit Warriors. Creator would probably appreciate if I organized the pictures by story...
Tsuni, Riolith and Tyl
Tsunni Inural of the Spirit Warriors, back when he was still alive. In front is the woman he was betrothed to, Priestess Riolith, and on the right is Riolith's brother, Prophet Tyl.
Shalindria, Warrior Princess
Be afraid, Xena. Be very afraid.
Sheridan Gaza, Main Character of Spirit Warriors
Oh! 'Tis me!! Am I not cute? Am I not Handsome? Am I not gorgeous, wondrous, a sight for sore eyes??
Thona and Nite Slicer
Two of the mercenaries from Paradise Defenders. Not very important in the story, but Creator drew them anyway.
Tsuni Inural, Water Spirit
Tsuni, another pal of mine from Spirit Warriors.
Yuu GoldenStar, Fire! FIREFIREFIRE!!!
The Fire Spirit. Ain't she a cutie?
Zelda Trump
Ah, my friend Zelda. I rescued her from Slavery so she could help me free the Spirit Warriors, don't ya know?
Zero Atlas
Zelda's assistant, whom I also freed from slavery on Carsath.
The whole Spirit Warriors bunch... and Emily
All those little pictures from above were taken from this one.


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